Programmable logic controller Unistream

(A) Unistream PLC+HMI B10 5 TR22

Programmable logic controller with high quality HMI touch screen

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Product number: US5B10TR22Product order number: US5B10TR22Manufacturer's product number: US5-B10-TR22Product commodity code: 85371091

Powerful Programmable logic controller with high quality HMI touch screen. Multi-function in a superbly compact hardware profile: PLC+HMI+I/Os built into a single unit.

UniStream 5″ main features: Ethernet/IP, VNC, FTP, Web Server, Video + RTSP, SQL Client and more. It is backed by the most efficient programming software you have ever used.

Available in UniStream 5″ Cloud series – a PLC with built-in, no-cost cloud services. You simply connect the PLC to ‘UniCloud’, Unitroncis cloud service, design a no-code dashboard, and go live in less than 30 minutes!

Weight 1,115 kg
Quantity in the package: 1Unit: PCS

Auto-tune PID, up to 64 independent loops
Recipes & data logging via data tables & sampling
MicroSD card – log, backup, clone & more
Function Blocks & Structs

High quality touchscreen
Multi-language display
Built-in Alarm Screens
Media support: Video*, Audio* and PDF viewer
Multi-level password protection –easy and fast

Ethernet TCP/IP
USB host
Mini USB for programming
RS485, RS232
Add-on ports: CANbus, RS485, RS232

MQTT Client
CANopen, CANlayer2, UniCAN
BACnet, KNX and M-Bus via gateway
Message Composer for 3rd party protocols

Expand up to 2048 I/Oss
Expand remotely: via UniStream Remote I/O
I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed and temperature.

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