Control panel 5.7"

(A) GP-4301T 5,7inch TFT TOUCH PANEL DC2

65,535-color TFT LCD Screen

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Product number: PFXGP4301TADProduct order number: PFXGP4301TADManufacturer's product number: PFXGP4301TADProduct commodity code: 84718000

Enhanced Visibility:
All models employ 65,535-color TFT LCDs with enhanced backlight brightness control. Crisp screens improve monitoring quality and safer operation.

Multiple Standards support a variety of Applications:
Coated components and compliance with a variety of international standards enable use in a diverse range of environments.

Easy Troubleshooting:
Alarm Analysis Function gives you timely understanding of error causes on site. With only a few clicks for configuration, you can set alarm analysis screens with logged status data of the alarm-related device.

Mobile Remote Monitoring:
Remotely monitor large-sized or long-distance applications, large process systems, or multiple machines on a manufacturing site on an easy-to carry iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphone or Android tablet.

Remote Data Collection and Management:
A data management system, built with Pro-Server EX software for production quality and efficiency through HMI units installed on production machines can be simply and cost-efficiently built with standard PC software, such as Microsoft Office and SQL.

Remote Monitoring:
The Remote Monitoring software, GP-Viewer EX, allows you to monitor HMI screens installed on the production site from a Windows PC in a remote location.

GP-4301T: 5.7" TFT Color Touch (Analog), QVGA, 2x Serial, Ethernet, 2x USB, SD, 24VDC, UL/CE

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