USP-P-B10 UniStream CPU

UniStream CPU-for-Panel

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Product number: USCPB10Product order number: USCPB10Manufacturer's product number: USP-P-B10Product commodity code: 84733020

The UniStream™ CPU-for-Panel is designed to be plugged onto the back of a UniStream™ HMI Panel. The CPU-for-Panel is powered directly from the HMI Panel. Uni-I/O™ or Uni-COM™ modules may be snapped next to the CPU to create an all-in-one HMI + PLC controller with an onboard I/O configuration. You can expand the onboard I/O configuration of the all-in-one controller via a Local Expansion Kit.

The CPU-for-Panel cannot operate independently. It must be plugged into the back of a UniStream™ HMI panel. The CPU-for-Panel comprises:

  • IO/COM Bus connector for interfacing Uni-I/O™ & Uni-COM™ modules
  • Isolated RS485 and CANbus ports
  • Backup battery

Kit Contents:

  • 1 CPU-for-Panel
  • 1 lithium battery, 3V, CR2032
  • 1 RS485 terminal block
  • 1 CANbus terminal block
  • 1 CANbus termination resistor
  • 1 set of module numbering stickers.
Weight 0,26 kg
Quantity in the package: 1Unit: PCS

I/O support: up to 2,048 I/O points
Local Uni-I/O support: up to 8 I/O modules with no additional power supply, up to 16 I/O modules with a Local Expansion Power Kit.
Local Uni-COM support: up to 4 Uni-COM™ modules
Ladder memory: 1 MB
Bit operation: 0.13 µs

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