1492-SPM Miniature circuit breaker 1P 4A C

1492-SPM MCB 1P 4A C

Circuit Breaker 4A 1-pole C-curve

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Product number: 1492SPM1C040Product order number: 1492SPM1C040Manufacturer's product number: 1492-SPM1C040Product commodity code: 85362090

Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Automation 1492-SPM Circuit breaker protects your electrical supply from current overloads. When a surge in current reaches the maximum allowance of 10kA, the MCB is thermo-magnetically tripped to stop a short circuit that could otherwise damage the wires.

1492-SPM MCB have type C tripping curve and fast breaking time to provide a higher level of safety for your application. 1492-SPM MCB include screw terminals, are IP20 finger safe, and can be DIN rail mounted for optimal convenience. 1492-SPM MCB have dual terminals for wiring and bus bar flexibility and have excellent shock and vibration resistance which helps to prevent nuisance tripping, avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Type C Miniature Circuit Breaker are suitable for use in commercial and light industrial applications, such as fluorescent lighting and small electric motors, and are designed to trip at currents between five and ten times their rated load.

Supplementary Protectors, 1 Pole Configuration, Trip Curve C, 4A

Weight 0,26 kg
Quantity in the package: 2Unit: PCS

Current Ratings: 4A
Poles: 1
Trip Curve: C
Interrupting Capacity: IEC: 15 kA, UL/CSA: 5…10 kA
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Overvoltage category: III
Pollution Degree: 3
Rated Voltage:
UL/CSA: Max. 480Y/277V AC
IEC: Ue 230/400V AC
Mechanical endurance: 20,000 operations

Ambient temperature: -25…+55 °C
Storage temperature: -40…+70 °C
Protection degree acc. to EN 60529: IP20, IP40 in enclosure with cover
Mounting: DIN rail (EN 60715, 35mm) with fast clip
Certifications: UL Recognised, CSA, CE Marked, CCC, VDE, RoHs Compliant
Standards: UL 1077, CSA C22.2 No. 235, EN 60947-2, GB 14048.2

Auxiliary contact: Yes
Signal contact: Yes
Shunt trip: Yes

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