Aikakytkin NGK3-M16-ON 16-0FF Ac 220V

NKG3-M 16-ON 16-OFF AC220V

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Tilauskoodi: NKG3MProduct order number: NKG3MValmistajan tuotenumero: 310025Tuotteen tullikoodi: 85365005EAN: 16901800685040

NKG3-M time switch is used in automatic control circuits with a frequency of AC 50Hz(or 60Hz), a rated control supply voltage of up to 220V and a rated operational current of 0.75A to provide timed on-off control for street lamps, advertising lamps and similar equipment.

  • Conventional heating current: 5A
  • Usage category of auxiliary circui_ AC-15
  • Rated operational current (Ie): AC-15 220V/0.75A 380V/0.47A
  • Timing error: ≤2 seconds/day
  • Time control range: 1s~168h
  • Mechanical life: ≥30 thousand times
  • Electrical life: ≥10 thousand times
  • Mounting type: Installation type, rail type
  • Electrostatic discharge immunity: ±8×(1±10%)kV (air discharge)
  • Radiated electromagnetic field immunity: Test electric field strength: 10×(1±10%)V/m
  • Fast transient immunity: For power line, 2kV, for I/O signal and control circuits, 1kV, duration: 1min
  • Surge (impact) immunity: Open circuit test voltage: 2×(1±10%)kV
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