HELAVIA membrane grommets DG 9

Membrane Grommet DG 9 Neoprene

Edge protection rubber w/ barrier film

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Product number: 02580351010Product order number: 02580351010Manufacturer's product number: 0258 0351 010Product commodity code: 40169991

HELAVIA® membrane grommets DG 9 in black polychloroprene rubber.
Designed to close off unused entries in panels, enclosures and housings of all types. Wires and conduits can pass through the membrane if required.

Image 2 dimensions:

  • Ø A: 9mm
  • Ø B: 15,5mm
  • Ø C: 20mm
  • E: 2mm
  • F1: 2,5mm
  • F2: 2,5mm
  • M: 1mm
Weight 3 kg
Quantity in the package: 100Unit: PCS

Material: polychloroprene rubber
Colour: black
Operating temperatures: -30 to +90°C
Tensile strength at break: 7 MPa
Ultimate elongation: > 400 %
Dielectric strength: > 13 kV/mm

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