HELAVIA membrane grommets DG 36

Membrane Grommet DG 36 Neoprene

Edge protection rubber w/ barrier film

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Product number: 02580357010Product order number: 02580357010Manufacturer's product number: 0258 0357 010Product commodity code: 40169991

HELAVIA® membrane grommets DG 36 in black polychloroprene rubber, Rohs.
Designed to close off unused entries in panels, enclosures and housings of all types. Wires and conduits can pass through the membrane if required.

Image 2 dimensions (mm):
• Ø A: 36mm
• Ø B: 47mm
• Ø C: 54mm
• E: 2,5mm
• F1: 3,8mm
• F2: 3,8mm
• M: 1mm

Weight 17 kg
Quantity in the package: 50Unit: PCS

Material: polychloroprene rubber
Colour: black
Operating temperatures: -30 to +90°C
Tensile strength at break: 7 MPa
Ultimate elongation: > 400 %
Dielectric strength: > 13 kV/mm

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