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Jazz RS232/RS485 Add-On Port

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Product number: JZRS4Product order number: JZRS4Manufacturer's product number: JZ-RS4Product commodity code: 85369085

The JZ-RS4 Jazz RS232 / RS485 Add-On Port enables Jazz OPLC? networking and serial communications, including program download. The JZ-RS4 comprises:

  • A single communication channel that serves one RS232 port and one RS485 port (Note: the module cannot communicate via RS232 and RS485 simultaneously).
  • Switches that enable you to set the device as an RS485 network termination point (Note: the ports are isolated from the Jazz OPLC).

Kit Contents:

  • MJ10-22-CS25: D-type adapter, interface between the PC or other RS232 device’s serial port and RS232 communication cable.
  • RS232 communication cable: 4-wire programming cable, two meters long. Use this to connect the RS232 serial port on the MJ20-RS to the RS232 port of the other device, via adapter MJ10-22-CS25.
  • MJ20-RS
    RS232/RS485 Add-On Module: Insert this into the Jazz Jack to provide a serial communications interface.
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