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Chint CEU MODEL Car charger

For efficient and safe charging at home and other locations.
The structure of the electric car charger is designed to withstand harsh operating environments.

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Special offer for Samba OPLC Logic Controller 4.3™

Full-function programmable logic controller with built-in high resolution, full-color touchscreen & onboard I/O configurations.

Now for 250 €

Unitronics Samba 7.0

Unitronics Samba 7.0™ is versatile and compact programmable controller with High quality touchscreen.

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UniStream 10.4 PLC and CPU-for-panel

Programmable logic controller UniStream 10.4" and UniStream CPU-for-panel now for 599 €.

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Unitronics Vision350 PLC

Unitronics Vision350 advanced programmable logic controller integrated with a 3.5″ color touchscreen.

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