Battery Charging Module for Use with Power Supply

Battery Charger 10A 12-24VDC

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Product number: XCSBCProduct order number: XCSBCManufacturer's product number: XCSBCProduct commodity code: 85044083

XCSBC DIN Rail Battery Charging Module for Use with Power Supply, 10A 12-24VDC pack 2.
DC-UPS IN: 12-24 Vdc / OUT: 12-24 Vdc 10 A.

• Connected to a DC line, allow to supply loads and charge the backup battery
• Suitable for Lead-Acid batteries
• Suitable for power supplies with adjustable output

Weight 0,11 kg
Quantity in the package: 2Unit: PCS

Input technical data:
Input rated voltage: 12-24 VDC
Input voltage DC: 6…30 VDC
Current consumption: > 3 A

Output technical data:
Output voltage range: 12-24 VDC
Output adjustable range: Vin-0.2 normal operation / Vbatt-0.2 battery operation (max. 29 Vdc)
Continuous current: 10 A at 45°C
Battery safety fuse Fuse: 6.3 A replaceable
Battery type: Lead-Acid
Battery capacity max: 4 Ah (12 VDC) / max. 10 Ah (24 VDC)
Charging current: 0.5 A (12 VDC) / 1 A (24 VDC)
Battery disconnection voltage: function not present
Protection: short-circuit / battery overload

General technical data:
Efficiency: 88%
Dissipated power: 7.5 W (12 VDC) 15 W (24 VDC)
Operating temperature range: –20…+50°C
Overvoltage category / pollution degree: II / 2
Protection degree: IP 00
Connection terminal: 2.5 mm² / 2.5 mm128
Housing material: UL94V-0 plastic material
Dimensions (LxHxD): 26x80x93 mm
Approximate weight: 80 g
Mounting information: vertical on a rail, 10 mm from adjacent components

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