NL1-63 Residual current device 2N, 63A, 300mA

(A) NL1-63 2N 63A 300mA

Type A Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker 300mA 63A 10kA

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Product number: NL1632N300MAA63AProduct order number: NL1632N300MAA63AManufacturer's product number: NL1 10KA 2P 63A 300MA A-TYPEProduct commodity code: 85362010EAN: #N/A

CHINT NL1 Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker without Over-current Protection (Magnetic). Protect people against indirect contacts and additional protection against direct contacts and protect installations against fire hazard due to insulation faults. Residual current circuit breakers are used in housing, tertiary sector and industry.

Detectable wave form A: Tripping is ensured for sinusoidal AC residual currents and for pulsed DC residual currents, whether applied suddenly or increasing slowly.

Tripping sensitivity 300mA – protection against indirect contacts, as well as fire hazard.

Manufacturer’s code: 972182

Weight 0,18 kg
Quantity in the package: 1Unit: PCS

Type (wave form of the earth leakage sensed): A
Rated current In: 63 A
Poles: 2P
Rated voltage Ue: 230/400~240/415 V
Rated sensitivity I△n: 0.3 A
Insulation voltage Ui: 500 V
Rated residual making and breaking capacity I△m: 630 A (In=63A)
Short-circuit current Inc=I△c: 6 000/10 000 A
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Break time under I△n: ≤0.1(Normal type), 10ms~300ms(G type). 150ms~500ms(S type)
Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50) Uimp: 6 000 V
Dielectric test voltage at ind. Freq. for 1 min: 2.5 kV
Pollution degree: 2

Mechanical features
Electrical life: 2 000
Mechanical life: 2 000
Fault current indicator: Yes
Protection degree: IP20
Ambient temperature (with daily average≤35℃): -5...+40 ℃
Storage temperation: -25...+70 ℃
Terminal connection type: Cable/U-type busbar/Pin-type busbar
Mounting: On DIN rail EN 60715 (35mm) by means of fast clip device
Connection: From top and bottom

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