OPTA Programmable Logic Relays

Klinkmann Store is now offering the latest 8A series programmable logic relays (PLR) from Finder and Arduino. These PLRs are ideal for use in industrial automation, OEM, and building automation sectors, providing a range of simple and self-contained programmable logic relays for creating basic applications.

The FINDER OPTA is the first-ever programmable logic relay of its kind in the market, created in partnership with ARDUINO. It offers unique programming capabilities, allowing it to be programmed with both traditional IEC 61131-3 (Ladder) language and an innovative open-source language (IDE/ARDUINO).


Arduino serves as an innovation platform for thousands of companies and millions of users worldwide. With their expertise in seamless design, Arduino has developed a simple IoT application development platform that allows enterprises to easily and securely connect remote devices to their business logic.

The Arduino platform offers an open-source and license-free environment, with over 4000 official libraries available for various applications. The platform also boasts a thriving community with over 1 million active users on the Arduino forum and community.

Unique programmable logic relays

Introducing unique programmable logic relays that offer a range of powerful features. These relays are equipped with a dual-core Cortex® M7+M4 chip that allows for a high volume of real-time computing operations, making them ideal for predictive maintenance applications.

In addition, these relays offer multiple connectivity options, including RJ45, USB (type C port), RS485, and WiFi/BLE integrated module. They also come with an advanced integrated secure element chip that enables encryption and data key management in all kinds of applications, ensuring enhanced security.

These programmable logic relays support both OPEN SOURCE and LICENSE-FREE software (IDE ARDUINO) as well as IEC 61131-3 languages (LADDER, FBD), making them highly flexible and customizable. Designed to simplify the interaction between electronic devices and the physical world, these relays empower all your projects and offer easy operation.

What sets this product apart?

The onboard secure element chip provides ultra-secure connectivity at the hardware level, ensuring enhanced security. Additionally, the product allows for secure OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware updates, providing added convenience and security.

The product is designed to be reliable and durable, leveraging Finder’s 65+ years of expertise in relay manufacturing.

Users can take advantage of a wide range of ready-to-use software libraries and Arduino sketches, making it easy to get started with the product.

The product also supports standard IEC 61131-3 PLC languages, including LD (Ladder Logic Diagram) and FBD (Function Block Diagram), among others. Modbus TCP connectivity is available via Ethernet, and Modbus RTU can be accessed via a dedicated RS485 terminal.

Onboard smart connectivity options, such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® Low Energy, make the product highly versatile and easy to use.

Real-time remote monitoring is possible through intuitive Arduino IoT Cloud dashboards or third-party services, providing enhanced convenience and control.

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