Programmable Logic Relay 4NO 10A

OPTA Programmable Logic Relay LITE

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Product number: 8A0490248300Product order number: 8A0490248300Manufacturer's product number: 8A.04-8300EAN: 8012823445397

OPTA PLR is perfect to create simple applications in industrial automation, OEM and building automation sectors. The powerful dual-core Cortex® M7+M4 chip allows a large number of computing operations in real time. Ideal for predictive maintenance applications.

OPTA is a Programmable Logic Relay (PLR) with 8 digital/analog inputs (0…10 V). It can be programmed using traditional language (Ladder, FBD) or an innovative, open-source language (IDE/ARDUINO). It also features a high-speed USB Type-C port for programming, power delivery, and data logging via memory stick.

8A.04-8300 LITE version with USB (Type C high speed port), ETH.

Quantity in the package: 1Unit: KPL

Series: 8A
Version: LITE
Width: 70 mm
Mount: 35 mm rail (EN 60715)

Contact configuration: 4 NO (SPST)
Supply voltage: 12-24V DC
Number of input: 8 digital/analog
Input compatibility: NPN/Sink
Reverse polarity protection: yes
Type of output: EMR NO contact (SPST)
Standard contact material: AgNi

Programming language: Arduino via IDE, as option IEC-61131-3 (LD - SFC - FBD - ST - IL)
Minimum input signal: 0.2 ms
Ambient temperature range: -20…+55°C
Protection category: IP20

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