DBL Haaroitusliittimet ja teholiittimet

DBL Power Distribution Blocks

The DBL power distribution block ensures reliable power distribution

Easily installable and reliable TE Connectivity Power Distribution Blocks now available from the Klinkmann Store.

DBL power distribution blocks are highly reliable and their compact design reduces costs and ensures seamless installation and operation. DBL power distribution blocks are designed to cater to a diverse range of applications such as power distribution, industrial, real estate and energy, as well as appliance and HVAC applications.

Easy to install

DBL distribution block offers three different configurations in one, including a single pole splitter for dividing a power main input into multiple outputs, multiple pole splitters with an interlocking function and a marking kit included with each block for easy use, and a grouping feature that consolidates several inputs into one output, which is particularly useful for solar applications.

The cover of this product is designed to be flexible, making wiring easy. It has two direct openings that are both removable and snap-on for added convenience. Additionally, the main technical data is printed on the cover for easy identification, and it can be seen from the top for added visibility.

Space saving

The modular and compact design of the DBL distribution blocks enables them to save up to 50% of rail space when compared to conventional distribution bars. Additionally, these blocks come with a 1500 V DC voltage rating that meets the latest requirements of solar inverters.

Increased productivity

By using DBL power distribution blocks, you can significantly reduce assembly time by up to 80% compared to traditional systems. The modular and touch-proof design of these blocks eliminates the need for bus bars, isolators, fasteners, and protection screens, further simplifying the installation process. Additionally, these power distribution blocks can accept both aluminum and copper conductors, and a single product in stock can be used for three possible configurations.

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