Transparent lid 80mm

LID GN 80 transparent

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Product number: 08391530011Manufacturer's product number: 0839 1530 011Product commodity code: 39259020

The transparent lids are designed for use with GN-A6/4, GF-DIN-A7/5, GF-DIN-C-A12/8, GF-A12/8, GF-DIN-PPDA and GN-S cable Trunking. The transparency of the lids allows visibility and control of the integrity of the cables, particularly in the event of risk of intrusion by pests (rodents, etc.) without removing the lids.

Quantity in the package: 4Unit: M

Material: hard PVC
Colour: transparent
Operating temperature: -20 to +60°C
Dielectric strength: 15kV/mm
Specifications: V0 UL94
Standard length: 1 m

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