Screw Clamp Terminal Block Fuse M4/8.SF

(A) M4/8.SF

Modular Screw Clamp Terminal Block Fuse 4 mm²

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Product number: 1SNA115657R2500Product order number: 1SNA115657R2500Manufacturer's product number: 1SNA115657R2500Electrical number: 1965675Product commodity code: 85369001

Grey M4/8.SF Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks, For 5 x 20 and 5 x 25 fuses.
Protect your circuits with 5×20 and 5×25 fuse terminal blocks (fuse not supplied with terminal blocks).

Weight 0,01 kg
Quantity in the package: 50Unit: PCS

Rated Cross-Section: 4 mm²
Spacing: 8 mm
Connection Type: Screw clamp
Function: Fuse
Gauge Type: A4
Rated Current (In): 6.3 A
Rated Voltage (Ur): 630 V
Connectable conductor cross section fine-strand without cable end sleeve: 0.5 ... 4 mm²
Connectable conductor cross section solid-core: 0.5 ... 6 mm²
Connection position: Sideways
Height at lowest possible mounting height: 48.5 mm
Length: 56.5 mm
Inflammability class of insulation material according to with UL94: V0
Insulation Material: Polyamide
Number of levels: 1
Type of electrical connection 1: Screw connection
Type of electrical connection 2: Screw connection
Type of fuse holder: Swivelling
Type of fuse insert: G-fuse 5x25 mm
Type of indication element for defect indication: None
Voltage type for defect indication: AC/DC
Color: Grey
Operating temperature: -40 ... 110 °C

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