Cu-flex Flexible Busbars

Flexible copper busbar

CUBIC Cu-flex busbars are made of copper wires that are woven to a flexible busbar. Cu-Flex busbars guarantee a prompt and professional execution of electrical connections. They are conveniently supplied in a ready-to-use state, eliminating the need for time-consuming tasks such as shortening, stripping the wires, making holes, or complicated bends.

Cu-flex has been tested and approved under various circumstances by i.a. DEKRA and DNV. Furthermore, Cu-Flex holds UL recognition in the “Component – Panelboard and Switchboard Accessories” category.

Cu-Flex Busbar advantages

Cu-Flex busbars are conveniently provided in a ready-to-use state with a variety of lengths, sizes, and options. This eliminates the need for time-consuming tasks such as wire shortening, stripping, hole drilling, or complex bending. The high flexibility of Cu-flex makes it a straightforward and easy product to install or to use for modifying an existing installation.

Cu-Flex copper busbars are constructed by weaving copper wires into a flexible busbar structure. Through CUBIC’s patented technique, the ends of the busbar are fused into a solid unit, resulting in a contact surface that enables the creation of maintenance-free connections. Cu-Flex busbars are free from any added tin or similar materials.

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