Surge Protective Device 160/275 (3+1)

SAFETEC CR 160/275 (3+1)

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Product number: 516034ZAProduct order number: 516034ZAManufacturer's product number: 516034

Class II Multi-pole Surge Protective Device, Imax = 40kA per pole (8/20), modular design, IEC-61643-1.

Category IEC / EN / VDE: Class II / Type 2 / C
Location of use: Branch sub-distribution boards
Connections: TT
Protection modes: L – N, N – PE
Protective element: MOV, GDT
High surge discharge rating: I = max 40kA per pole
Safety: Immunity against TOV

Dimensions 21,9 × 6,2 × 4,7 cm
Quantity in the package: 1Unit: PCS

Electrical characteristics:
Max. continuous operating voltage (AC/DC): 275/350V
Nominal discharge current (8/20) In: 20kA per pole
Max. discharge current (8/20) Imax: 40kA per pole
Protection level Up (L-N): < 1.6kV
Protection level Up (N-PE): < 2.0kV
Follow current If (N-PE): > 100ARMS
Response time tA (L-N/N-PE): < 25ns/100ns
Thermal protection (L-N/N-PE): Yes
Short-circuit withstand current (L-N/N-PE): 25kA/50Hz/-
TOV whithstand for 5 sec: 1.32 x UREF (335V), √ 3 x UREF (400V)

Mechanical characteristics:
Terminal screw torque: max. 3.5Nm
Temperature range: - 40 C …. + 80 C
Terminal cross section: 35mm2 (solid) / 25mm2 (stranded)
Mounting EN 60715: 35mm top-hat rail
Degree of protection: IP20
Housing material: thermoplastic; extinguishing degree UL 94 V-0
Dimensions DIN 43880: 4TE

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