Relay Interface Module MasterPlus SSR

Relay Module 2A 24VDC SSR

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Product number: 396070248240Manufacturer's product number: commodity code: 85364900

The Type 39.60 MasterPLUS SSR interface module offers added protection for the output circuit thanks to the replaceable fuse module. This product is for general interface use in any type of system and application. It can be used for input interface applications between auxiliary contacts, sensors etc. and controllers, PLC’s or motor contactors. Or, for output interface between PLC’s controllers and relays, solenoids, etc

• Sensitive DC, AC or AC/DC input voltage
• AC or DC output switching (1 NO)
• Common connection possible with optional jumper links (terminals A1, A2 and 13+)
• UL Listing (certain relay/socket combinations)
• 6.2 mm wide

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