140M Motor Protection Circuit Breaker 0.63-1.0A

Motor Controller 0,63-1,0A

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Product number: 140MC2EB10Product order number: 140MC2EB10Manufacturer's product number: 140M-C2E-B10Product commodity code: 85371095

140M Motor Protection Circuit Breaker offer high switching capacity and high current limiting to ensure that you gain a safe, dependable and streamlined motor control process. 140M Motor Protection Circuit Breakers are a cost-effective option for smaller-sized applications, offering increased functionality in less space.

Nom.current 1,0A, Util. Category AC-3, 400V, 0,25kW
Manufacturer’s code: 140M-C2E-B10
IEC/EN 60947-1

Circuit-Breaker, Motor Protection, 0.63 - 1A, MxRtg MCPs(no OvPrt)is 1200.0A, Frame Size C, Standard Breaking Capacity, No Bus Bar Mount, 1 A, No Knob Adaptor Modification, for Thermal Overloads, None, None, Std Mgntc Trp (Fxd at 13 x le), None, None, None, Trigger Constraints, None, No Options Right

Weight 0,329 kg
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