Modular Timer 16A

Modular Timer 1CO 16A 12-240V AC/DC

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Product number: 800102400000Manufacturer's product number: commodity code: 85364900

Type 80.01 is a multi-function and multi-voltage modular timer, 17.5 mm wide, with the following functions:
• AI: On-Delay
• DI: Interval
• SW: Symmetrical flasher (start pulse On)
• BE: Off-delay with control signal
• CE: On and Off-Delay with control signal
• DE: Interval with the control signal on

• Six time scales from 0.1 s to 24 h
• High input/output insulation
• “Blade + cross”: both flat blade and cross-head screwdrivers can be used to adjust the range and function selectors, the timing trimmer, and to disengage
• New multi-voltage versions with “PWM clever” technology
• 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mounting

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