Time/Astro Switch 16A

Digital time switch 1CO 230VAC

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Product number: 125182300000Manufacturer's product number: 125182300000Product commodity code: 85364900

Type 12.51 Digital (Analogue-style) time switches, 1 CO 16 A, with daily/weekly programming and two programming modes:
• Classic via joystick
• Smart via smartphone with NFC technology

Shortest programming interval of 30 minutes. Easily programmable in daily or weekly configuration

• Automatic summer/winter time change
• Changeover 16 A
• LCD display for viewing, configuration and programming
• Block with 4-digit PIN
• Backlit display
• Internal battery for programming without power supply, easily replaceable
• Separation between the power supply circuits and contacts
• Width 35 mm
• 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mounting
• Cadmium-free Contacts

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