140M Motor Protection Circuit Breaker 14.5-20A

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker 14.5-20A

Motor Controller 14.5-20A

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Product number: 140MD8EC20Product order number: 140MD8EC20Manufacturer's product number: 140M-D8E-C20Product commodity code: 85369040

140M Motor Protection Circuit Breaker offer high switching capacity and high current limiting to ensure that you gain a safe, dependable and streamlined motor control process. 140M Motor Protection Circuit Breakers are a cost-effective option for smaller-sized applications, offering increased functionality in less space.

Circuit-Breaker, Motor Protection, 14.5 - 20A, MxRtg MCPs(no OvPrt)is 1200.0A, Frame Size D, High Breaking Capacity, No Bus Bar Mount, 20 A, No Knob Adaptor Modification, for Thermal Overloads, None, None, Std Mgntc Trp (Fxd at 13 x le), None, None, None, Trigger Constraints, None, No Options Right

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